Help spread the word! Signs of Conservation are everywhere.

Do you know a place that should be highlighted with a sign?

Simply email us at with:

  1. Your name or organization

  2. Your location

  3. Which practice(s) should have a sign

  4. How many of each sign you would like

  5. The exact location where the sign(s) should go. If you are the landowner or farm operator, or if you know who it is, please say so! If you don't know, we'll do our best to find out and get in touch with them.

If you are an organization that works with farmers and would like to purchase signs to place in your own area, get in touch! We're happy to get signs to or share the image so you can order your own. The signs cost about $12/ea to have printed.

Our grant funding makes Signs of Conservation available in Franklin County with no charge to the farmer. A $5-10 donation per sign helps us keep this program going once grant funds are spent, and orders outside the county will be asked to cover at least $5 per sign, or ideally the full cost.

The Franklin County Conservation District produced these signs for use anywhere, with financial support from the VT Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Sign Specs

Corrugated plastic signs are 18″ x 24″, double-sided, UV resistant and full color. A wire H-frame stake is included with each. Signs should last 2 or more seasons with proper off-season storage and care.

Sign Placement and Storage Considerations

  • Place signs more than 14 feet from the white line of any state roads or they will be picked up by the state highway crews. Restrictions on town roads may vary.

  • Place your signs where they will be visible from the road, and not blocked by growing vegetation. The practice being highlighted should be clearly visible behind the sign.

  • Remove and store your signs when the practice you are advertising is no longer obviously visible (e.g. cover crop has been terminated.)

  • Remove and store your signs before winter. With proper care, signs should last two or more seasons.

Take a picture with the sign, the practice you are promoting (and yourself, if you wish!) and send it to or post it to social media with #signsofconservation. We will use your pictures to further promote the good work!